240hp 4 Wheel Drive tractor LTG2404

LTG2404 4WD Wheeled Tractor


GROSS POWER     177kW @ 2200rpm




LTG2404 4WD Wheeled Tractor

Technical Features


• Optional multi-state variable frequency switch, corresponding to different power in different working conditions, to meet the requirements of fuel saving and efficiency.

•Optional Weichai high pressure common rail engine with advanced performance, low noise and strong power.

• Matched with Shangchai high pressure common rail engine, with large power reserve and high economic benefits.


High reliability

•Equipped with chassis cooling system to control oil temperature and prolong the life of key components such as bearings, gears and oil seals.

•Enhanced TS08 series chassis, with large bearing capacity and reliable and stable performance.

• Independent oil circuit of hydraulic system, high cleanliness and low failure rate.

•Imported clutch with high transmission capacity and reliable effect.


work efficiently

• Adopt 4x(l+l)x4 composite gearbox, 16F+16R gears, synchronizer shifting, fast shifting speed and high efficiency.

•Vertical double-cylinder strong-pressing soil lifter, with large lifting force and good

work adaptability.

• Equipped with 320L large-capacity diesel tank, long continuous operation time and high efficiency.


Comfortable to operate

• Optional reversing image and Beidou automatic driving system can accurately control steering and effectively achieve the effect of walking in a straight line.

•Sealed cab, all-inclusive luxury interior, standard air-conditioning, spacious and comfortable, good vision.

•Full hydraulic steering system, the steering wheel can be adjusted back and forth to reduce driving fatigue.

•Hydraulic power-assisted clutch control system, comfortable and light to operate.

• Optional electro-hydraulic lifting system to reduce work intensity.


Main Technical parameters

Model LTG2404
Drive Type 4×4
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 5685×2470×3220m
Wheelbase 2840mm
Front wheel tread 2030mm
Rear wheel tread 1900mm
Min.ground clearance 445mm
Min operating weight 7750mm
Gearbox gears number 16 Front+16Rear
Forward Speed 3.05-30.55Km/h
Reverse speed 3.05-30.55Km/h
Engine Model SHANGCHAI SC7H240G3
Engine type 6 cylinders,in Line,Supercharged intercooler
Engine power 177Kw/2200r/min
Tire seize(Front tires) 16.9-28
Tire seize(Rear tires) 20.8-38
Steering type Full hydraulic
Max lifting force 42.48Kn
PTO type Rear-mounted semi-detached
PTO speed 540/1000r/min
PTO power 150.5Kw
Control type of ploug hing depth Height adjustment,floating control
Front/Rear iron ballast as option 600/360Kg
Fuel tank capacity 320L



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