10t Double Hydraulic Drive Road Roller LTC210

LTC210 Hydraulic Travel Drive Double Drum ROAD ROLLER


GROSS POWER    75kW @ 2400rpm




LTC210 Hydraulic vibratory rollers are manufactured according to international advanced technology and by use of imported components from abroad. The machine is a double drum tandem vibratory roller. It is Primarily used for the compaction of road bituminous course, sand gravel mixtures and RCC material, Being a universal compaction equipment for highway, municipal road, park area and industry ground etc.


Main Characteristic:

1, Full hydraulic two-wheel drive and vibration. Double frequency double vibration system.

2, Reliable CUMMINS diesel engine for convenient operation and maintenance.

3, Hydrostatic center articulated steering, Optional patented crab mechanism.

4, Cabin with air conditioner, comfortable and spacious, the flexible steering seat facilitate the operation.

5, The driver’s cabin can be turned on one side as a whole, to facilitate maintenance.

6, For-type frame, good hold-down property.

7, Hydraulic ump and vibrating motors are of the products made by American manufacturer DANFOSS,


Main Technical parameters


Model LTC210
Operating mass 10000kg
Font axle load 5000kg
Rear axle load 5000kg
Static linear load 238N/cm
Form of frame fork-type
Type of water spray pressure
Water tank capacity 400×2 L
Fuel tank capacity 80 L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 65 L
Vibration amplitude 0.67(High)/0.34(Low)mm
Vibration frequency 45(high)/50(low)Hz
Centrifugal force 90×2(high)/69×2(low)Kn
Travel Speed 0-10Km/h
Steering angle ±30°
Electrical voltage 24V
Grade ability 40%
Turning radius 6000mm
Overall dimension (LxWxH) 4558x1840x2674mm
Vibration drum diameter 1150mm
Drum width 1730mm
Wheel base 3217mm
Diesel engine power 75Kw/2400rpm
Diesel engine model CUMMINS4BT3.9
Ship 1 unit/40HQ  3units/2x40HQ
Optional:Edge cutter, Canopy.


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