4t Hydraulic Road Roller

Top-Quality 4T Hydraulic Road Roller

We started our operations in 1961 as a 4T hydraulic road roller supplier. However, it was reorganized as a joint-stock listed company and given a new name. Thus, we became its new name in October 2016. It was the spot where China’s first wood loader was invented. To satisfy the needs of road building and maintenance projects, we take pride in providing the best construction equipment available. Therefore, we strive to give our cherished customers the best solutions possible thanks to our significant experience and dedication to excellence.
Our 4T hydraulic road roller can perform better, last longer, and work more effectively on any size construction site. However, our rollers can satisfy your demands, whether you are working on road paving, compaction, or other surface jobs. Our road rollers are able to resist the rigors of hard labor in the construction industry. Thus, we build them with high-quality components that are specially for enduring performance.

Best Performance 4T Hydraulic Road Roller

By precisely controlling the compaction process, the hydraulic system enables you to obtain the ideal road surface density and smoothness. Operator safety and comfort are our top priorities. However, to increase efficiency and decrease operator fatigue, our 14t single drum road roller features ergonomic cabins, good visibility, and user-friendly controls.
As a result, our road rollers provide effective compaction, saving you time and fuel expenses on your projects. Thus, thanks to their powerful engines and sophisticated hydraulic systems. Our 4T hydraulic road roller is adaptable and suited for a variety of applications, including parking lots, driveways, and small to medium-sized road construction projects.


How does a hydraulic road roller differ from other types of road rollers?

Hydraulic road rollers utilize hydraulic systems for controlling various functions like steering, vibration, and drum movement. This provides more precise control and flexibility during the compaction process.

What are the primary applications of a 4-ton hydraulic road roller?

These road rollers are commonly used in small to medium-sized road construction projects, parking lot construction, and other applications where precise compaction is needed in confined spaces.

How does the hydraulic system work in a 4-ton road roller?

The hydraulic system in a 4-ton road roller uses hydraulic fluid to transmit power and control various functions. It typically includes a hydraulic pump, cylinders, and valves to operate components like the drum, steering, and vibration mechanism.

What is the compaction width of a 4-ton hydraulic road roller?

The compaction width of a 4-ton hydraulic road roller typically ranges from about 1.2 meters (47 inches) to 1.5 meters (59 inches), but this can vary between different models and manufacturers.

What is the significance of compaction in road construction?

Compaction is essential to eliminate air voids and increase the density of construction materials like soil, asphalt, or aggregates. This ensures a stable and long-lasting road surface.

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