215hp Motor Grader

215HP Motor Grader Manufacturers

We, as 215hp motor grader suppliers, were established in 1943. Since then, we have led the Chinese construction machinery market. However, we have grown into one of the biggest, most influential, and fiercely competitive enterprise groups. Thus, in the domestic market, we have the broadest range of product lines. We are the third-largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world. Also, we are listed as the 65th-best company in China’s Top 500 Companies.
Our 215hp motor grader can handle even the trickiest grading jobs with ease. This motor grader provides the raw power required to move soil effectively and efficiently. Thus, thanks to its 215-horsepower engine. On every job site, great productivity is a gurantee. However, our motor grader’s innovative grading technology enables precise and accurate grading.

Best Quality 215HP Motor Grader

Operator safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our 215hp motor grader has a roomy, ergonomic cabin with simple controls that prevent tiredness even after long shifts. Our motor grader is made with high-quality materials and components. Also, it is capable of resisting the harshest environments, ensuring lifespan and minimizing downtime.
That is even and accurate results in long-lasting, excellent roads that stand the test of time. Effective site preparation can provide your projects with a level and secure base. Therefore, maintaining current roads, parking lots, and infrastructure is simple and time and resource-efficient. As Chinese motor grader manufacturers, we can adjust to your particular needs whether you’re working on road construction, site preparation, or maintenance activities.

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