14t Single Drum Road Roller

14T Single Drum Road Roller Manufacturers

We are a business that has been running as a reputable 14T single drum road roller company for more than 30 years. However, we have a distinguished past and have made a name for ourselves in the machinery industry. Therefore, we can design and produce a variety of machinery, from heavy-duty trucks to construction equipment. As it is a complete set machinery company.
Our 14T single drum road roller has a powerful engine that gives it the force it needs to handle even the most difficult compaction projects. However, with this roller, you can achieve the best compaction results whether you’re working on residential streets, parking lots, or highways. Thus, our road roller has been ergonomically designed with user comfort and convenience of use in mind.

Premium 14T Single Drum Road Roller

We make it simple for operators to move the equipment and keep compaction quality constant. However, we have built with a tough chassis and top-notch components. Thus, our 14T single drum road roller can resist the rigors of daily construction work. It is there to last a long period, lowering maintenance expenses and downtime. It has an easy-to-use control panel, an adjustable seat, and ergonomic controls.
The single drum has cutting-edge vibrating technology, which guarantees even compaction across the entire surface. Therefore, with the use of this technology, the likelihood of weak points or uneven pavement declines. Thus, making for safer and more robust roadways. We, as leading tractors manufacturers, reside our strength in our capacity to provide dependable, high-quality goods that satisfy the needs of our clients.


What is a 14-ton single drum road roller?

A 14-ton single drum road roller is a heavy construction vehicle designed for compacting and leveling surfaces, primarily used in road construction. It has a single drum, usually at the rear, and a weight of approximately 14 tons for effective compaction.

What is the purpose of a single drum road roller?

Single drum road rollers are used to compact various materials like soil, asphalt, gravel, and aggregates during road construction and maintenance. They help create a solid and even surface.

What are the advantages of a 14-ton road roller over smaller ones?

A 14-ton road roller has greater compaction force and weight, making it suitable for larger road projects and heavier materials. It can cover a wider area and achieve higher compaction densities.

How does compaction work in a 14-ton single drum road roller?

Compaction is achieved through the weight of the roller and the vibration of the drum. The roller’s weight compresses the material, while vibration reduces air voids and improves compaction quality.

What types of materials can a 14-ton single drum road roller compact?

These road rollers can compact a wide range of materials, including granular soils, cohesive soils, asphalt, and base materials like gravel and crushed stone.

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